Precision, reliability, and accuracy.

At Bitterroot Tool & Machine, this is our commitment across all of our brands. We are accustomed to designing and machining components that must be consistent for millions of cycles. From ammunition loading systems to heirloom-quality grain mills, our attention to detail is paramount in all that we do.

Grain Maker
Grain Maker

The Finest Engineered and Crafted Mills in the World!

Grainmaker offers some of the most finely crafted, durable and beautiful grain mills in the world. Each Grainmaker is made in Montana and represents the best of Montana standards; sturdiness, functionality, character and quality. Grainmaker provides a wholesome way to eat more nutritiously, to enjoy tastier food, to regain the benefits of whole grains, and most of all, to return to the way we were meant to eat.


Alpha Loading Systems

Your best shot at a better loading system.

Alpha Loading Systems™ is leading the way in precision ammo loading machines. Ensuring a more reliable, more productive, more secure experience for all who choose our machines. We are proud to manufacture every one of our machines by hand in Stevensville, Montana. VIEW SITE