Bitterroot Tool and Machine

Precision is not just a skill.
It’s our Philosophy.

Bitterroot Tool & Machine has been in operation since 1999. We are located in western Montana, in the thriving heart of the Bitterroot Valley. We are proud to serve the dental, ammunition, gun, security and aerospace industries with our innovative machine and die designs. BTM is built with a highly motivated workforce and skilled toolmakers.
We believe precision tooling is what makes quality, reliability and effi ciency in our industry. It is a simple rule of stamping that the end product can be no better than
the tooling that made it. That is why we excel at specialty tool and die manufacture, utilizing unique and innovative approaches. BTM has been ISO 9001:2008 certifi ed since 2009.

Quality is not something that can be found within a product upon inspection; it must be designed and built into it from the start. Our entire process is about quality. It allows us to price our products competitively, and it is an integral part of our reputation. If you are ready to partner with BTM for your project, get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss our process and the people behind it.

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